Tadiran TL-5242/W Battery with Connector

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Tadiran TL-5242/W Battery with Connector

Replacement for Tadiran TL-5242/W, TL-5242, B9593T, CS-PLB386SL, Lintronics TL5242P, TL5242W, DC Battery DC1185, DC1384, Badger Meter ACCESS PLUS, ER6K, Data Star 48650, GN National TL5242/W, Dynabook 286, 386, ELS EL5242/W, Interstate Batteries ALIT2005, LIT2005, DS Miller B220, Allur 386SX, IDS 286, 386, Accutron 140128, 146995, 1743458, 386, 804020612003A, 8286121, B9593T, F4059001, LTC16PFS8, MH17652, T098, TE36V, TL5206W, TL5207, TL5207B, TL5207W, TL5209W, TL5292W, VL111AA, Everex 1800A, 80386/16, A, Hertz 286, AT, PC286, XT, Hyundai SUPER 286, SUPER 286C, Caliber 486, 486DX, DELL 286, 300, 386, Epic Systems EP5242W, LTC16PFS8, Leading Edge DX266, Compudyne 486DX33, 4DX266, 4SX25, Digital Systems 333C, Micro Express 286/12SL, General Electric Ge CD CENTRAL DISPLAY BOARD, Eternacell B9593T, Club American Technol 486, Technol AT, Comtrade 486DX33, Compaq DESKPRO 5233MX, AT&T 3B, 3B2, 405371493, 6286

Voltage: 3.6 Volts

Capacity: 2100mAh

Chemistry: Lithium

Dimensions: L 16.7mm x W 18.1mm x H 61.0mm

Weight: N/A