Saft BA5567 A/U Battery

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Saft BA5567 A/U Battery

NATO Stock Number: 6135-01-447-5082

Replacement for BA-5567, BA-5567/U, BA-5567A/U, 6135-01-447-5082, 205129-001, 6135-01-090-5363, 6135-01-090-5365, 6135-01-447-5082, 6135-01-507-1135, NSN 6135-01-090-5363, NSN 6135-01-090-5365, NSN 6135-01-447-5082, NSN 6135-01-507-1135, NSN: 6135-01-090-5363, NSN: 6135-01-090-5365, NSN: 6135-01-447-5082, NSN: 6135-01-507-1135, Typical applications: Night vision


High and stable discharge voltage, High pulse capability, Performance not affected by cell orientation, Long storage possible before use, Ability to withstand extreme temperature

Key Features

Low self-discharge rate (less than 3% after one year of storage at + 20˚C),Hermetic glass-to-metal sealing, Flat pressure contact terminals, Built-in safety vent (at the negative end of the cell), UL Component Recognition (File number MH 15076), Meets shock, vibration, and other environmental requirements of military specifications, Made in the USA

Voltage: 2.9 Volts

Capacity: 1Ah

Chemistry: Li-SO2 - Lithium

Dimensions: Diameter 26.04mm (1.025") x Height 19.02mm (0.749")

Weight: 20g (0.7oz)