Saft BA5372/U Battery

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Saft BA5372/U Battery

NATO Stock Number 6135-01-214-6441

Replacement for 6135-01-214-6441, BA-1372, BA-1372/U, BA-1372U, BA-5372, BA-5372/U, BA-5372U, BA1372, BA1372/U, BA1372U, BA5372, BA5372U, NSN 6135-01-214-6441, NSN: 6135-01-214-6441 - Typical applications, Memory holdAN/GRC-210, AN/PRC-119, AN/PSQ-4, PATRIOT

The battery consists of 2 LM 17130 cells connected in series, arranged in a cylindrical construction with nickel plated button terminals at either end.

Key Features

No passivation delay effectLow self-discharge rateLong shelf lifeNickel plated button terminalsMylar sleeveNon-restricted to Class 9

Voltage: 6 Volts

Capacity: 560mAH

Chemistry: Li-MnO2 - Lithium

Dimensions: Diameter 16.8mm (0.66") x Height 33.0mm (1.3")

Weight: 20g (0.7oz)