Renata CR2477N Battery (25 Pieces)

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Renata CR2477N Battery (25 Pieces)

Replacement for: Renata CR2477N, Maxell CR2477, Panasonic CR2477, Murata CR2477, Toshiba CR2477, Energizer Eveready CR2477, Duracell DL2477

Voltage: 3 Volts

Capacity: 950mAh

Chemistry: Lithium

Dimensions: Diameter 24.5mm x Height 7.7mm

Weight: 8.30g

Terminals: Pressure

Factory Packaging: 25 Pieces

The Renata CR2477N Battery is a high-quality, long-lasting power source designed to meet the demanding energy needs of a wide range of electronic devices. With its advanced lithium chemistry, this battery delivers reliable performance and exceptional durability, making it the ideal choice for powering a variety of devices, from medical equipment and automotive electronics to remote controls and wireless sensors.

Featuring a compact and lightweight design, the Renata CR2477N Battery is easy to install and provides a stable and consistent source of power for your devices. Its high energy density ensures that it delivers superior performance even in the most challenging conditions, while its low self-discharge rate means that it retains its charge for longer periods of time.

With a voltage rating of 3 volts and a capacity of 950mAh, the Renata CR2477N Battery is engineered to provide optimal performance and longevity. It is also designed to be highly resistant to shock, vibration, and extreme temperatures, ensuring that it can operate reliably in a variety of harsh environments.

Whether you need to power a high-performance electronic device or a low-power device that requires long battery life, the Renata CR2477N Battery is the perfect solution. With its superior performance, exceptional durability, and long-lasting power, this battery is the ideal choice for powering all your electronic devices.