Motobatt PDCT1 Battery Charger - 6V 12V Sealed AGM Lithium

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Motobatt PDCT1 Battery Charger - 6V 12V 1Ah Sealed AGM Lithium

Charger Type PDCT1 Motobatt Tech 1 Lead Acid and Lithium Charger
Voltage 6V and 12V
Capacity 1 Amp
Algorithm 6 Steps Automatic
Input Auto Switching 120-240VAC-50/60Hz
Max Voltage 14.9V (Pb) 14.6V (LiFePO4)
Input Cable Plug
Application 6 and 12V Batteries Standard flooded, AGM, GEL, Calcium, Lithium
Special Features Overcharge Protection, Reverse Polarity protection (lead acid battery only), Short circuit protection (lead acid only), Spark Proof (lead acid only) Battery Recovery Mode (lead acid only)
Accessories Included MB-CCRT 21" Length, 6mm Diameter RIng Terminal with 7.5A Fuse and 2DIN connector plug, MB-CCAC 21" Length, Alligator Clip Leads
Wall Mountable YES in Plug Socket
Recommended Battery 4-100AH Lead Acid Battery, 2-20AH LifePo4 Battery