L103450-2AS4 Battery - Energy + Plus

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Energy + Plus L103450-2AS4 Battery

Replacement for 39J5555, 74Y6773, 74Y9340, CGA-E/212BE, IBM iSeries 571B PCI-X ultra320 SCSI RAID adapter, IBM i Series 572B PCI-X DDR Dual –x4 Port SAS RAID adapter, IBM iSeries 572F, 575C PCI-X DDR 1.5 GB cache SAS RAID adapters and Power 595 (9119-FHA) POWER6 system.  The IBM 571B, 572B, 572F and 575C auxiliary-write cache IOA adapters may be used with IBM 0648 ,5737 ,5776, 5902, 5904, 5906 and 5908 adapters and SAS disk controllers

Battery attaches to IBM FRU numbers 44V5193, 44V5194 adapters

Proudly Assembled In the USA

Voltage: 3.6 Volt

Capacity: 3900mAh

Chemistry: Li-Ion - Lithium Ion

Dimensions: L 2.67" x W 2.11" x H 0.54"

Weight: N/A