ER261020 Battery for Digitrak (10 Pieces)

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ER261020 Battery for Digitrak (10 Pieces)

Replacement for ER261020, ER261020H, Double C, CC, D Tek, DCI Sonde, Digitrak, Drillling Transmitters, Horizontal Drilling Transmitter, Ditch Witch Beacons, Directional Drilling, Eclipse Tracking System, F2, LT Locating System, Mark IV, SE, Sonde, Spot, Supercell

Longest Lasting - Highest Capacity On The Market

Special Order - Non-Cancellable - Non-Returnable - Lead Time May Be Required

Voltage: 3.6 Volt

Capacity: 17000mAh

Chemistry: Lithium

Dimensions: Diameter 26.2mm x Height 102.0mm