Energy + Plus Li204SX Battery

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Energy + Plus Li204SX Battery

Replacement for Enertech Li204SX, Li204SX-7.8A, Li204SX-60, Li204SX-60A, Li204SX-66, Li204SX-66A, NI2040, NI2040A22, NI2040A24, NI2040HD24, NI2040PH, NI2040XD24, NI2040XXL24, SM 204, 1420-0868, 989803129131, A6188-67004, 3/CR19/65-3, Medical Devices, Portable I.T. Equipment, HP Virtual Array 7410 Servers

Voltage: 10.8 Volts

Capacity: 7800mAh

Chemistry: Li-Ion - Lithium Ion

Dimensions: L 8.45" x W 2.30" x H 0.88"

Weight: 1.00

Welcome to the cutting-edge world of Energy+ batteries, where innovation and truth intertwine to bring you the remarkable LI204SX Battery. As you've discovered from our website, this battery is a game-changer in the realm of energy storage, and we're excited to share more about its dynamic capabilities with you.

The LI204SX Battery stands as a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Built on the foundation of advanced lithium-ion technology, this battery delivers a level of power and efficiency that sets new industry standards. Its high energy density ensures a powerful punch in a compact form, making it the ideal companion for all your cordless tools.

You may have read about our intelligent battery management system (BMS), and we can't emphasize enough how this feature elevates the LI204SX Battery to a league of its own. The BMS optimizes the battery's performance while safeguarding it against overcharging, overheating, and excessive discharging. Your safety is our priority, and this system ensures that you can work confidently without worrying about battery-related mishaps.

With Energy+ batteries, the value of time is understood, which is why the LI204SX Battery comes with a latent quick-charge capability. This means less downtime and more time spent doing what you love – tackling projects with unmatched vigor and productivity.

Embrace the future of energy storage with the LI204SX Battery from Energy+. Let your tools thrive on power and efficiency, and experience a cordless journey like no other. We invite you to be a part of our electrifying mission to redefine the possibilities of energy, one battery at a time. Welcome to Energy+ – where dynamic innovation meets truth in energy excellence.