Dell D668J Raid Controller Battery Backup Unit

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Dell D668J Raid Controller Battery Backup Unit

Replacement for Dell Powervault Md3200, Md3200i, Md3220, Md3220i, IBM System Storage DS3500, DS3512, DS3524, DS3700, 0D668J, 69Y2926, 69Y2927, BAT2S1P-2, P36540-04-A

Elevate your server's reliability with the Dell D668J RAID Controller Battery Backup Unit, available exclusively at Rocket Distributing. Harness the power of uninterrupted data protection and system integrity with this high-value replacement battery. Engineered for seamless compatibility with Dell RAID Controllers, the D668J unit ensures optimal performance during critical operations. Trust in the longevity, efficiency, and advanced technology packed into every unit, providing a superior safeguard for your data storage infrastructure. Upgrade with confidence – experience the pinnacle of RAID controller battery solutions. Explore unparalleled value at Rocket Distributing where reliability meets excellence.

Voltage: 6.4Volt

Capacity: 1100mAh

Chemistry: LiFePO4 - Lithium Iron Phosphate

Dimensions: L 5.57" x W 1.59" x H 1.05"

Weight: N/A