2GIG 823990 Battery Replacement for Alarm Panel

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2GIG 823990 Battery Replacement for Alarm Panel

Replacement for: ADT 823990, 10-000014-001 - 2GIG 823990, 10-000014-001 - ADT Panel SmartThings - 2GIG GC3 Panel, SP1-GC3, GC3e Panel

Experience the unparalleled reliability of the 2GIG 823990 Battery Replacement for Alarm Panel, a unique power solution exclusively crafted for your security needs. Elevate your home or business protection with this cutting-edge battery, designed for compatibility with 2GIG alarm systems. Our innovative replacement battery boasts advanced technology, ensuring extended performance and steadfast power supply. Be confident in your security infrastructure, knowing you've chosen a battery that surpasses the ordinary, offering a distinctive combination of endurance, efficiency, and technological excellence. Upgrade to the exceptional 2GIG 823990 Battery Replacement – setting a new benchmark in alarm panel power solutions that stands unrivaled in the market

Voltage: 3.7 Volt

Capacity: 3800mAh

Chemistry: Li-Poly - Lithium Polymer

Dimensions: L 89.10mm x W 37.50mm x H 8.00mm

Weight: 61.0g (2.15oz)